National Treasure of Sewing Know-How, Right Up in Here

Is it too pretentious to have two artist references on my blogue two days in a row?  But I get a pass, right, since I didn't post for so long, and because they aren't super pretentious artists, right?

Here's a picture of Phinny after she made herself into a Jessica Stockholder sculpture:

This is what she does when she hangs out while I'm sewing.

That was just for fun.  Now the serious sewing stuff.

All the time all the time I am thinking I should just kick this whole re-purposed fabric thing and make it easy on myself.  Then I can't find any fabric I like, so I'm back to finding the kind of well worn, durable finishes I get from old fabric, and its Groundhog Day.  (Plus there's a whole "Save the Earth" element going on there.)

Here's a recent scarf from striped sweatshirt and a tomato red t-shirt.  I simply sewed a bunch of diagonal pieces of the sweatshirt together and sewed them flat onto the red, leaving the seams undid. Everyone liked it though, so we've designated it a Family Scarf.

And I made this other one out of t-shirts.  

The scarf is not a winner, but in making it, I realized I am the winner of "World's Most Dumb Sewist Award".  Why, you ask?  Oh just this super obvious little thing about it took me like four years to realize that seams with a topstitch will fold over when you sew them against grain.  Oh, so that is why it has happened to every damn knit thing I've topstitched a seam on for the last four years.  

Yeah, I'm a real expert after working almost exclusively with knit fabric for this long.  A reeeeaaal National Treasure of Knowledge right here, my friends.

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  1. wait, what? I think I'm up for that award, because I keep repeating what you said but still don't get it. Sew against the grain and the fabric will fold up??