Middle Of The Night Mama

You know, as soon as I wrote that post headline, I had a mini-epiphany.  Mama hasn't used needles in so long that I would be shocked if I could sew a straight line out in my studio.

There's a problem with balance happening over here.  I haven't so far found a way to shoehorn a couple of extra hours into the day, so my studio is all alone, having been set aside for more noble pursuits.  Like the gym.  I go there every day and do these crazy exercises like I'm training to fight Blago in Rocky V.  Blago is Griffin, my two-year old.  I have decided I need to fortify to prevent injury.

So, there's that, and a host of other things I have to do to keep up with this here juggernaut.

But what about MEEEEEEE?!

Somehow, last winter, I was able to hole up in my studio for at least an hour and half each day for six weeks and finished a huge writing project.  Now I can't even get a blog post up because I've got to cleanthecerealoutofmyhair.  I thought it was supposed to get easier as these twins got older.  Lies.  All of it!

All I've accomplished this winter is this poor little failure of a batik project:

The results of which didn't even merit a photo.  As in didn't even merit the pixels spent on a digital photo.

I've realized the extra time isn't going to come from the sun.  I will have to make it for myself.  So I've taken to getting up really early.  Like, this early:

Oh, and last night, I fell asleep to the soothing sounds of Annika, repeatedly running her tiny starfish hand over my furrowed brow, declaring "Stripes! Mama stripes"

Yeah, thems my stripes alright.   I got them from you, you crazy little creature of madness.

(Author's Note: the child dresses herself up like that.)

So, here's to the New Year.  And more Lisa Time.  Even if it is at 4am.

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