Chevron Quilt and The Potty Zombies

I know it's been a long time since I loved up on my blog, but I have been getting chased by The Potty Zombies in an especially vicious manner lately.  The Potty Zombies are Annika and Griffin and they are like zombies in many ways right now, which, since they kept me awake last night (SEE!  Zombies.)  while Julie was out of town, I am going to go right on ahead and detail the similarities for you.

1.  Like zombies, they teeter menacingly in your direction with arms poker straight in the air.
2.  While doing so, they drool, usually across previous patches of dried up face plaque of unknown origin.
3.  If you try to run, they come faster.  Their talent for somehow matching increasing speed defies physics.
Four. (You remember the spilled coffee on my computer's 'four' button right?):  They bite.
5.  If you try to go to the bathroom alone- if ANYONE tries to go to the bathroom alone, they will be immediately set upon by two teetering, high speed, drooling creatures who, if you are lucky to get the door closed, will bang on the door until it falls to the floor in a pile of splinters.

Still, they're very cute, which ameliorates some of the terror.

Here's what I made, while running from The Potty Zombies:

It's part two of a series of six.

For scale:



  1. That toilet thing drives me bonkers! I actually run and lock the door before they get there. The banging is what reduces moi to becoming a shouty mum. It's my ONLY bit of solace and they still manage to destroy it. Love your workspace.

    1. I meant to say also love your work esp the chevron version.

    2. I just discovered your blog...love it! Voila, a bientot, i'll come back.