The Real Workroom Reveal + New Quilt Panel

Since I promised I would post a photo of the new studio with all my junk strewn, I must do it.  I'm sure you can guess how it pains me to have defiled such a chapel.

Heal thyself.

I finished this sweatshirt fabric stroller blanket top this morning.  I am working on a series, officially now, so I am going post them as they come.  It may take some time, since sweatshirts are out of season and all my fabric sources have dried up for the time being.  I was smart this summer and bought a load of t-shirts to work with for the winter.  I will be smart this winter and buy a load of sweatshirts to work with off season.  I'm headed for bulk buying soon.  500 lbs. of sweatshirts in my studio?  Sign me up.

Meaningless but pretty color composition shot:

Now, you've been wondering about that fraying in the seams on the sweatshirt quilts I made for the babies.  I've gotten many e-mails about it.  Not really, but writing that made me laugh out loud and I take my kicks where I can get them.  But, if you were wondering, I am trying out a seam reinforcement to try and prevent this problem.  This is called Stay-Tape (creative play on words, isn't it?)  I'm hoping it will solve the problem, but I will resent the added 3 bones per blanket it will cost me to put it in.  

So last, but not least, for all you lovers out there...Super Sexy Stitch Time:

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  1. Fine crafty pieces you have there! And your new workspace looks lovely. With your artistic capabilities, you will surely be able to spruce it up in no time. =)