New Studio!

I have arrived.  I am having a room all to myself built solely for the purpose of making things.  Since the girl and boy babies arrived eight months ago, I have had less time to sew and make things (shocker) and also no single place to make it.

After a few short months, Annika got tired of Griffin's dramatics and requested her own room.  One where she could sleep without being startled awake by the feral screams of her immature brother.  So, no more sewing room.  Funny how this house seemed huge when we bought it two years ago.

Of course, when the babies are sleeping, I can't sew because one of the babies is sleeping where I sew.  Great.  Now I have my work, in various stages of completion, strewn all over the house.  Since I have my crazy monster machine in the playroom (another great idea):

But I have been keeping busy, yes.  For example, I instructed my babysitter, Natalie, to please sort these shirt sleeves by color.  Okay, I didn't ask her too, she just did it for fun.  Pretty, no?

And I've been racing to finish orders (seven of them, seven orders!)  of shoes.  Here's my assembly-line box of parts and pieces.  Finished product to come.

And so, the studio- a vast swath of real estate where I will be able to create disaster upon disaster all over tarnation.

(That's Julie.  She's pretty.  Here she is standing in the portion of the building that will be the studio, up to the leaning board up against the wall.  Took the photo from the garage side before they separate he two parts- which Jules and I have been calling "my side" and "your side".  Cute.

Are you freaking becited or what?

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