Oh, It is ON!

Sweet Mother of Jesus, I just got a Juki DDL-8700 industrial sewing machine.  It sews up to 5500 stitches per minute.  You know what that means?  That means that if I accidentally sew through my thumbnail, it would happen so fast as to be practically painless.  Almost as if it didn't happen!

I am kind of in disbelief that I just actually purchased a 200 lb. sewing machine with a full-blown motor on it that sits in a large pan of motor oil.  For any of you people who don't know what this all means, it's like this:  I just spent four times the amount of money that I spent on my old machine on a new one that does all this:  sews a straight stitch.  That's it.  Nothing else.  But oh baby, it sews a straight stitch through anything, and does it with a fierceness and perfection that will melt your brain.  Imagine it like this: before, I was daily attempting to drive to California in a golf cart.  Now it's like I have a car. 

Why do I need a sewing machine that sews 5500 stitches per minute, you ask?  Well because I grew WAY okay WAY out of my machine a long time ago and a step up to something quicker and more sturdier was long overdue.  I was going to get the Juki TQ-2010, which is considered a "semi-professional", portable machine, but then I had to consider everything I may want the machine to do forever, and having it move around was not on the list.  You can get feet and attachments for this sweetheart that will do anything.  Like zing a binding onto something super fast, and topstitch perfectly even.   There's even one that will take a shoebox of old stuff back to your ex from years ago and leave it on her doorstep and ring her doorbell for you, and then run.  You can't get that on the portable model.

So, basically I decided to buy a machine I have to grow into, rather than one that I have sort of arrived at, you dig?  Is it too much for me?  Yes.  Can I sew 5500 stitches per minute?  No.  But, with this machine, at the same price as the other- there's so much more durability, stability, and growth potential, that I will never have to buy another machine.  Ever.

Except a coverstitch machine.

And probably a cylinder arm machine.

And a new overlock.

Maybe a buttonholer someday.

But for now I am so right.  THANK YOU TO MY FINE WIFE who sits in an office way up high analyzing naughty big banks all day so I can own machines that she has no idea 'why is this huge thing in our den? because its too heavy to get up the stairs. so its right here until the studio is finished being built.  Try to ignore it- OOH look at our cute babies! LA LA LA.  Here, a Corona, with lime!'

Also, in Baby Hobo news, I am fulfilling an order for shoes!  So nice.  And I have a batch of bibs that will be going to the store too.  Noice.  This monster machine will pay for itself in no time.


  1. Gosh Lisa, I just love reading your voice. We'll have to make an arrangement sometime where I might actually be able to hear it and see you too! I'm so happy things are going well for you. xoxo...Lolo

  2. You are the best human, the end.

  3. So. Jealous. LOL. You are so groovy. I've been spreading the love about Baby Hobo to gal pals of mine.

  4. I just read multiple excerpts of this post out loud to my husband...it was that funny.