Goats Fighting on a Bridge Playmat

I feel like ALL playmats for children should feature images of goats fighting on a bridge.  Am I right?  Too bad there isn't a troll hanging out on this one.

Thanks again to Ikea for the fabric.  After this trip to Ikea though, we broke up.  I will only shop at my nearest Ikea from now on: Craigslist.  Too far, too much gas, too much consumption.  Too much time.  Too much everything.  Plus, I hate buying new fabric, however nifty it is.  I think I can buy Ikea prints from other people who have leftovers and feel okay about it.  "Secondary Consumer" fabric, we'll call it.  Not re-used, but at least not purchased by me, and not left to waste in someone else's sewing room.  Come with me on this one.

Anyway- new playmat for a new human:

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