Big Shirt, Little Shirt

Here we have a delightful striped shirt styled in the nautical vein.

This was created for tiny Annika Hedy, since this poor little bean is headed for a lifetime of suffering under the Handmedown Regime.  I am going to try so hard not to do that to her.  You can see by the look on her face that she is not prepared to let me do that to her.

Sewing issues at hand:

Made from a man's LL Bean shirt, this is sewn from an O.P.P. (other person's pattern) and I disagree, per usual, with the armscye/ torso proportions.  But I did want this to be a little boxy, so I'll refrain from getting all up in someone's grill about it.

Secondly, the collar- I want to learn how to make collars out of fabric pieces (instead of trims) but I want them to lay down!  I guess I'ma hafta google that shit.  Unless one of my dedicated 37 readers could just throw me a bone here.  Why does that serged edge, even though I topstitched it down, want to flip outward?!  Jerk.



  2. i completely agree about the collar not laying down (and not agreeing with OPPs), when you figure it out, let us all in on the secret. =)