The Epic Endeavor Named Grabbox

How satisfying is THIS?!

Phase one of Grabbox, complete.  Here's where I'd like to leave it.  Just hanging on this door for all time.  I'd like to not piece this together in rows now because it will get all wobbly and obstinate and terrible.  And I think it's lovely the way it is. 

Alas, in order for Phinny to ever snuggle underneath it, I will have to keep going on the path to quilthood.  

I have to lay it all out and arrange the rows, and I don't really have the best wide open space for that, so I may have to wait until my new studio is built.  Thasright- my new studio!  We are waiting on permits to construct a detached studio space behind our house, in which I will plot and execute the takeover of my inner procrastinator, nag and creative confidence goblin.  It's about the get REAL up in here.

For now, let's just behold these hundreds of bits of sweatshirt.

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