Ahhh. Failure.

I think I'll just cut pieces of fabric and lay them out on the floor and then...put them away.  It's the sewing part that always takes a lovely design and sends it straight to the rubbish.  This one was particularly disappointing because it was to be a gift (sorry, Tina and Heather), and I was really happy with the design and color.

I should have taken a BEFORE (I ruined it by sewing it) picture.  All I have is the depressing result of my wasted effort. 

Things that went wrong:  even though I paid attention to the stretch and heft of the fabrics, I needed to match them even more, because that french terry on the orange mucked everything up.  Wobbly bastard.


Then, the serging.  Oh, dear serger.  You are nasty.  An instrument of the devil, really.  I know now that you can't, under any circumstances, have serger seams, however innocuous they may seem, lie in directions all willy-nilly.  You really have to get them all going in flow, so you don't end up with this scalloping mayhem here.  Which, cannot, despite all the wishing, be ironed into order.

So, from now on, I stop here:

See?  Pretty.  Why mess up this quilt, which I'm calling "Grabbox" (since I am engaged in an exercise where I just grab random strips from a box and sew sew sew without thinking so damn much about it).

There.  Done.  Who wants my sewing machine?

Just kidding, actually, I am fixin' to buy a new, fancier machine.  Which will certainly change my life and make all my dreams come true- HEY?!  Who's at the door?!  Kate Winslet?!  She's here because she has always been in love with me and wants to marry my wife and I in a freaky San-Francisco-style three way marriage?!

See, even thinking about buying a Viking Huskylock S25 improved my life tremendously.

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