Breaking Out of Baby Jail

Baby Hobo is not dead.  In fact, at this oddest of times, I am feeling a renaissance of affection for it, even as my Baby Griffin and Baby Annika threaten to pull me into a vortex of neediness and cute.  I was all sorts of ready to shelve my creative aspirations and my entrepreneurial impulses for several years following the birth of these babies.  "There won't be a moment to adequately shave my legs for the next five years, let alone sew," is what I rightly thought. 

Howeverly, I was able to control my impulses for all of three weeks.  Once my head stopped spinning- the moment it stopped spinning, I trained my weary eyeballs on the stack of imploring sweatshirt scraps in my sewing room, and decided that if I am making things for the kids, then it is A-OKAY to ignore them as people for a little while each day and instead sew myself to sanity.  So there.  And I have been making a sort of remarkable number of things, some of which I will show you here right now!  Yay. 

Introducing the most cozy and useful baby quilts I ever made.  (Okay, they are are two of only three baby quilts I have ever made, but still!)  They are basically like saddle blankets for babies, in that they are so heavy and sturdy (though crazy soft) you can practically mold them into an armchair recliner and leave your twins propped upright just about anywhere.  NOT THAT I WOULD DO THAT. 

And here are some details for you stitch-o-philes:

You'll have to ignore that t-shirt binding of course, since it is BALLS.  I need to design a good way to make a proper binding, obviously.  But I can't do everything, you guys, I have like two-hundred children.