My Excuse Is That I Was Too Pregnant to Sew

Let's start with the photographic evidence:

You will be so kind as to imagine trying to wedge that battleship into the space between a chair back and a sewing machine and then subtract the length of my arms.  And you will come up a couple of inches short.  And so no sew.  It is hard work growing two humans, you guys!  I was 8 months pregnant in this picture, due to give birth the next day, which I did.  To these guys:

That's Annika Hedy on the left, and Griffin Matthew on the right.  Imagine my shock when I first laid eyes on my son and he looked so much like Stanley Tucci.  Luckily, once all his features unfurled or retreated to where they were meant to be, he turned out to look much more like himself.  Which is to say, quite handsome.

And there you have my excuse for not posting on this blog for so very long.  And I guess it would be overly ambitious to promise another post soon.  But here's the thing: I am tethered here to this spot several times a day so that I can pump milk for these babies.  Yes, like a cow.  And that is the perfect excuse for continuing to write and post at least, even if I can't make it into the sewing room for a while.

What will I write about?  I can't decide.  I might like to blather on endlessly about all the trials and tribs of being a mother of three children under the age of three.  I could do stroller reviews, brag about my homemade babyfood (I don't make babyfood) and reach out in search of advice for teething babies.  I could do that. 

I could also journal my existence from the perspective of a former career-having person and lament all that was glamorous and expansive about my life then.  You know, play out my sould-searching right here on this handy blog for everyone to see.  Hmmm, maybe not. 

Maybe I'll make it a curatorial blog for a while, and siphon off the creativity and well-spent time of other more glamorous and expansive people.  That sounds easy and appealing.

Anyway, I forgive myself for the absence and now I am going to go off-line so I can be neurotic in real life.


  1. Congratulations, Lisa! Wow...you do nice work!

  2. holy hell wowwwwwwwwwwza how did you do ANYTHING you have jupiter attached to you! its nat again c: