Beanbag Cover; 2011's Coiled Snake of Bitchery

Say that you are looking at a beanbag covered in black canvas.  And you think to yourself: "Self, how hard could it be to just look at that shape pattern and replicate it by sight? Not too hard."  Say you, with pluck and abandon, reach for that amazing canvas linen blend vintage curtain you have and start cutting the pieces for a new cover for aforementioned beanbag.

STOP!!  For here be dragons. 

It is WAY harder to do, fitting these pieces together than you will imagine.

Given my new rule to not get more than two things going in the sewing room at a time, I was stalled for like a week on this blasted thing.  Finally, I was basically jamming bunched fabric and velcro sections through the machine willing it all to go away and stop draining my lifeblood.  (That side of the beanbag faces the floor.  But it still looks pretty cute.  Okay, it looks pretty cute when a cute baby is perched in it:

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