God Gave Me a Red-Haired Child To Dress in Chartreuse

To be fair, the leg warmers are a little more lime than the AMAZING chartreuse cords, but I think they count.  It's pretty much a medicatable condition I have, my newfound compulsion toward chartreuse clothing.  I'ma go with it though.

Evanston: freezing.  "Hey, before you go out, let me whip up some leg warmers for Phinny."  My wife, shifting impatiently from one foot to another while I craft these cableknit quickies.  Well, guess what, one slice with the rotary cutter, two zips through the serger, WAH-LAH!  She barely had time to get annoyed.  It was really less than like 60 seconds.  And now look how attractive and useful:


  1. Hilary (aka hilbux :)December 12, 2011 at 10:02 AM

    Why am I only just now discovering your amazing work? These are awesome. Must catch up on this here blog. And must start dressing my own redhead in chartreuse... alas, ain't much available for boys in that color!! I need to start sewing.

  2. omg favorite picture of phinny ever c: its me nat