Pig Pig

Speaking of O.P.P., my friend Danielle gave me this pattern for some stuffed toys recently, and I couldn't think of how to use it to make something interesting (because regular stuffed characters made from floral quilting cottons do not inspire me).  Truthfully, I might have thought sewing an animal shape might be too hard.  I mean, I know it wouldn't be literally too hard, but you know, if you're lazy, hard can sometimes mean- "My pee is orange, I really need to drink some water...fridge too far...forget it."

But then Phinny found the pattern envelope in my studio and came and dropped it in my lap.  Resolutely, she said, "Make.  Pig Pig.  Mama."  I said, "Okay, Boostink,  pick some fabric from the box."  She handed me purple.  "Poople Pig Pig."  And walked away.  If you try and tell me you could say 'no' to that, I will call you a liar.

And mere moments later, Pig Pig was born.  She smirks, because she is a knowing pig.  A pig who knows. She doesn't look a damn thing like the pattern picture, but she's much more cuddly since she's made of old sweatshirt.

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