Phinny's Tunic

Back to the topic of O.P.P...

Yes, I done sewed it wrong.  Agin.  Why can't I just listen to the pattern and do what it says?!  I know how, I am just too stubborn.  But still, this is a good pattern, called Charlie's Tunic from the Made by Rae blog.  I did find that whole trim attachment to be a bit clumsy though.  But I have been known to be be lazy on the iron.  I would like to take this opportunity to praise, if not worship before this so called Rae for designing a kids shirt with the proper armscye!  Yes, Rae, you did it. 

Here's what it is supposed to look like (image from Made by Rae):

And here is how I  botched it up good.  I like to call my version (made from an old t-shirt and some pieces of a duvet cover) the "Burt Reynolds", for that more revealing, carefree look.  I feel there is something more, hmmm.... biblical looking in my version too, so maybe I can re-work this into a set of nativity patterns.*  Potentially lucrative!  There are a lot of Christian Evangelical types out there that sew, from what I can tell.  Oh wait.  Maybe it's just Phinny's hand position.  Asking for more Pirate's Booty, or blessing the masses?  You decide.

*DO NOT use this exact idea if you are doing a set of nativity costumes, because I am almost certain there is a small linen blend in that trim, in which case, according to Leviticus, you could get yourself smote.

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