Yes, That's the Baby's Beer

If I were a smaller person, I would avoid posting images of my blatant sewing failures, such as this birthday shirt for Phinny*.  I would hide those failures from the public.  

This little shirt had real potential as a useful all year shirt, but in my zeal to cut a roomier head hole with her giant bell, I over did it and the collar got completely weird.  But the fabric was really nice, and the shirt worked for the day.  So what.  I tried to make it a little more girly and kept the little ragged, frilly collar from the original.  You see how much good that did me.

*Of course, if I were a bigger person, I wouldn't need to post TWO not-very-descriptive pictures of the failed sewing project as a transparent excuse to show how cute and big my little bug looked on her second birthday.

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