New Proof Refuting My Laziness

I am still playing catch up here, so excuse the disjointedness of the things I'm posting all at once.

First, a good clean view of the jacket I made from the Heidi and Finn pattern.  It suffers from, as I admitted in  a previous post,  my insistence on trying to re-figure a pattern to suit my own utterly selfless desire to use old fabric with old details from other clothes.  But forgive me for saving the world, okay?!  This is the usual- an old sweatshirt and an old heavyweight stretchy t-shirt.

I would like to point out a couple of things: a.) sewing a lining for something is easier than it seems (OH YES, I DID NOT WRITE..."easier than it 'SEAMS...' BECAUSE I CARE FOR YOU AND WOULD NOT PUT YOU THROUGH THAT).  b.) using a serger when the pattern calls for a regular machine requires some care in measurement of the seam allowance...par-tic-u-lar-ly around the...ARMSCYE!  c.) and when you're using some other old shirt with its own hem/ cuff, you'll want to again measure and double check that against the pattern, because if you slip up, your shirt will be a dress, or will be cropped too short and then need to be paired with a tight slinky pair of Hannah Montana glitter shorts for an overall cohesive Prostitot ensemble.  d.) I always decide to use the smaller sized hood from a pattern and pair it with a bigger main piece.  A 5T hood on a 5T pullover kind of drags the whole shirt down is my feeling.  Don't get me wrong, Phinny's head is enormous, but I don't need her to look like the Grim Reaper in those rare times of hood use, so I cut it a bit smaller.

The jacket from (roughly) the Heidi and Finn pattern:

I love me some topstitching.  It's so gritty and challenging.  It makes my machine and needles angry but oh well, I am the boss of them.

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