Why Knit Pants on a Day Like This

Well, because I was sooooo busy freaking out over having twins chiles in my belly that I have gotten really behind on some things.  I explained before how I was on a hiatus from sewing after all grief and drama here in my house/ heart, but as I emerged, I managed to put a few things together. 

I did in fact have some wares up on Supermarket like I said I would- it wasn't an unkept promise!  I just never announced it because I done sold a few things then didn't get anymore up there, so it kept feeling too anemic to make a real broadcast about shop being open.

But you know what?   You should check out the site anyway, it is the sane person's version of Etsy (which in my opinion quickly become a tragic wasteland of badly made crud and a truly endless dumping ground of multiple listing mayhem). 


So have a look, I posted these re-purposed knit pants and bibs in the winter:

They are all either 100% cotton for lighter weather, or cashmere.  Ooooh, cozy.  Phinny wore some about every day of winter and into spring (which as you may know, on the north shore of Chicago, was the same as winter).  Now it's hot as balls.  A pregnant chick can't win.

Okay, well you know what?  Let's look on the bright side.  There was an opportunity for several attractive fashions late into the season and a few of the days, it turned out that Phinny was in head-to-toe homemade, or almost.  I can already envision her teenage eye-rolling while looking back at pictures.   But you know what?!  I never had a perm or super giant eyeglasses that she'll be able to make fun of, so the embarrassments will be confined to pictures of her.  And that's only half as embarrassing as her being embarrassed of both us.  See?  Looking at the bright side.  See here, a couple of sweet freezing spring looks:

Oh and I have a finalized bib pattern that I made a big batch from- those on sale there too:

There, now I feel better.

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  1. link to your shop, silly, I needs me some super stylish bibs!