100 Times I've Blathered!

Look.  One hundred posts about my creative successes and failures.  Well that's something.  I should QUIT!  Because then I could define that 100th post as a final goal and for once say I finished something.  That is a good plan.


Just kidding.  I'm way too manic to stop. 

Here's a recent commission for a friend who has a baby gift to give.  Nothing is better than someone saying they "trust you" and for you to make them whatever you want.  That is so fun except the time that one lady commissioned a whole boatload of things because she just marveled at my aesthetics and "trusted me completely".  And then didn't want more than half of what I made.  I encourage her to look up the definition of commission.  But I digress.

Here's a bib/ burp cloth set and a pair of cotton knit pants with matching cravat.  Dapper dude, this guy's gonna be.  Just because you have to throw up on your own body day after day, it doesn't mean you should settle for sub-par accessories.  These are french terry sweatshirt (always an excellent find) and t-shirt scraps.

 Stay cozy in the fall, little man.


  1. Blathering is good for the soul! At least that's what I tell myself! Congrats on the big accomplishment! :)

  2. Everything about this post makes me happy (except that one time with that one lady). One day you shall make something big for me to wear, and I shall wear it, oh yes. <3