Who's Down With O.P.P.?

Other People's Patterns

Here's why I hesitate to sew from preexisting patterns.  Because they ugly.  The End.  No, just kidding.  For one thing, the shirts?  The shirts seem to always have too tight an armscye.   "Oooooh, she said, "armscye".  She's so faaancy.  I will like to take her on a date of veal parmesan and speak to her on the mysteries of sewing..."

What the hell is an armscye.  It's the seam that connects the sleeve to the body of the garment, and it is no simple line, let me tell you.  Too tight armscyes is an ironic problem at my house too, since my child has an especially dainty upper body shoulder area (due to laziness and muscle atrophy).  So the problem is not fat toddler armpits.  It's not like I'm trying to stuff a 5T into a 3T or anything either.  I know how hard it is to make a roomy armhole without having extra wagging material in the armpit.  But kids clothes should be made for comfort and movement, right?  Right.  So why can't I get a pattern with a good proportion of arm to torso?

Consequently, shirts and jackets have been a little bit of a challenge.  The ones by Burda and Simplicity or any that I see in the fabric store always look boxy and homemade, so I don't use them.  And I haven't found too many online whose style is what I'm looking for.  I am ready though!  I am ready people, lead me to the motherland!

I like the well known Oliver + S, though I haven't gotten anything yet.  I also like some of what I have bought from Heidi and Finn (though the GOBDONG ARMSCYE still seems off to me!).  To wit, I have made this sweater jacket from a Heidi and Finn pattern twice, and though I know my fabrics are thicker than the pattern recommends, I still seems to need to go up to a size that is overall too big in order to get the arms comfortable and flexible.  It's me.  You can say it. SAY IT!

To be completely fair, this pattern is meant to be a closed front and made from thinner fabrics, and has been shown to produce some very adorable garments.  Just not by me.  (Okay, mine's adorable in a way, but it has hidden technical difficulties, as I have here admitted).  

Here's a shot of what the piece would ideally look like:
So there you have it.

And pants, there's always a problem with the butt.  I haven't so far seen a pattern that looks truly well-fitted (even the baggy style ones).  I want to see some thoughtful crotch contouring here or I am not going to pay.  And that stance is firm.  Bring me a pattern that both follows the sensual lines of the diapered booty yet does not bind and I will be yours forever. 

For now, I am going to give this pattern from Made by Rae a go.  It's called the Charlie Tunic.  I'll let you know if it works.  It's so cute, no?!

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of the Big Butt Baby Pants by Made by Rae. I've made a ton of them for my second and so wish I had the pattern the first time around. You should try them out...I'm not sure how old your daughter is but they go up to a 2T...