A Free Hat for Baby Spongebob

I am working on a hat design.  It's a square.  Done.

No, but seriously, I have been making these boxy hat's for Josephine and they look really pretty cute on her, but they can look a little, mmm, pope-like on other kids, I don't know why.  I think I need to concede to changing the pattern, and get into contouring it, but I was so liking the simplicity of these.

As shown here, Phinny The Chin is quite delighted with a fine gauge knit one like this, that stretches well over her enormous bulb.

(Okay, that gleeful full-body running shot was gratuitous, but C'MON!)

Another version of the hat is two layers of densely knit stretchy sweater + a t-shirt jersey knit lining.  So warm, right? She wears this daily and it's field-testing very well.

And finally, the little newborn seamless hats.  I have to admit, I haven't actually tested these on any little noggins, in person, myself, but it would seem that the same principles of fit would apply.  I've given them as gifts and have some at Green Genes, but I need a good fit model.

What person wants a free newborn hat, like the one in this picture, in exchange for promising to send me really good snapshots of it, on an actual baby?!  (PS, the tag goes in the back.  I'm not THAT self-promoting.)


  1. Hi Lisa!
    I would love one for a friend who's baby is about 2 months old. Is that too young? I'm sure she'd take lots-o-pics!
    It's adorable, btw.

  2. Tamara Talansky?! Is that you?!

    Well even if it isn't- you win. Is this baby a boy or girl baby? I will make my current 0-3 month size and we'll see how it goes!

    You can e-mail me your address at lisasolar17@gmail.com and I'll get it out to you next week.

    Yay, thanks for reading!

  3. it's me!
    i'll send you an email...