"Heeead! Bring Me My Pants!"

That's a line from "So I Married An Axe Murderer".  That movie is quite funny and since Phinny's head measures in the 95th percentile, I was reminded of the scene where Mike Myers is talking about how big his head was when he was little and was imitating his Scottish father.  "It's like...Sputnik!  It's like an orange on a stick!"

Still, big head= big brains.  And big beauty.  Plus, more head for the amazing red hair!

I haven't been sitting around doing nothing, you know.  I'm working on the fabled quilt.  In fact most nights I am working on it and soon this evening I am going to make like Beth from "Little Women" and lay down to bed before 8:30 and quilt while listening to NPR.  Okay, I'm not going to listen to NPR, but I might doing something simultaneously sophisticated, like tweak my recipe for authentic 19th century absynthe. 

Pants.  From an old shirt.  The knee patches are for rabble-rousing young girls, such as Josephine is.  Nice fit, if I do say so myself.  And really lovely worn and twisted original seams.

(Oh and if you're wondering who that is in the stroller behind her, that's Harvey, her prescribed milk jug therapy baby for increasing upper-body strength.  Harvey is a sweet baby and never complains.)

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  1. LOVE the pants and LOVE Harvey!!!
    Can I put in an order for a smaller version???