Don't Call Them Bloomers

Her are a pair of please-don't-call-them-bloomers-because-that-word-is-weird.  Knickers.  How's that?  I need to ask my friend Stephanie the word for them in french because everything sounds better in french.  And because they sort of look French, don't you think?  In fact, after I designed these and made them in the sweatshirt fabric, sure enough this same Stephanie and her baby girl Romy came back from France itself wearing a pair designed very similar to these.  I will need to file a lawsuit of course, against the French, as soon as I find out how they stole this revolutionary design from me.  Obviously, they saw the blog, "Mama Utilise des Aiguilles".  Hacks.  I wish for once the French could come up with ONE single good design for clothing.

Anyway, I digress.



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