Sweet Clarissa

I will totally admit to this: sometimes I post something I've made waaaay more for the opportunity to share a picture of an edible little munchkin bug than to showcase my actual work.  Here is one of those times.

For lovely Clarissa the baby, I made this little fall weight hat from a t-shirt with a banded cuff on the arm.  I will also confess I did not surge this crazy wiggly jersey knit because getting it through the serger in anything like a straight line would be like trying to dress and eel in a tuxedo.  I added the little twill tabs for that oh so Baby Hobo appeal and here it is.  We just slipped in on her little noggin while she slept like mama photo burglars.

1 comment:

  1. gorgeous baby! and like the hat too!

    -the baby's mom.