Check Baby, Check Baby, 1, 2, 3!

See here this set of three bibs for a boy, as requested by the gift-giver, in a color combination of my choice.  For these bibs, I received a cash dollar donation to my personal bank account.  Just like that.   It's a great feeling to be making things that people really love and have them give me their hard earned money for it. 

And all the Baby Hobo items are now, as you can see, "branded" with the Baby Hobo logo, yo yo.  Pretty professional, isn't it?

I also had the thirtieth person ask me if I make the Baby Hobo shorts in adult sizes, but so far have not have any brave takers volunteer to be my Guinea pig, so our vision of a grown up in peasant style bloomers made from old sweatshirts will have to wait. 

Rachael Burs, maybe you'd like to volunteer! Yes!

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  1. I will TOTALLY volunteer for this. Heck yes.