Fireplace Baby-proofed in Style...

Our little lady Josephine is a little wobbly on the feet these days.  She likes to take an epic digger every few days and give me a tiny heart attack.  Falling onto the iron grate in the fireplace could cause some serious cranial disaster so I made this foam panel to fit in there and covered it with canvas fabric from Ikea

Oh, and I wanted to use this opportunity to post my first tutorial!  I love them and always feel like I should be more generous about detailing the stuff I make.  So, here's how you can do this project at home:

1. Double-stick some tape to a piece of foam core.

The End.

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  1. Heh...think I must add your site to my LeechBlock feature during work hours, because I'm spending waaay too much time here...and wanting to comment on every other post...your humor slays me. I think I just might pin this tutorial ;-)