I'm Getting Straighter Every Day

(Right now, some ex-girlfriend of mine is thinking, "A-Ha!  I knew it!"  No.  No, honey, it really was just you.)

I'm talking about my quilting effort, people.

Here are the fruits of my labor in the department of stretching and pinning this bugger in order to get the grid straight.   Not too bad, right?  Had a bad run-in after that though when I soaked the quilt and it let loose red dye all over onto the yellow pieces.  Those rose colored patches bled like an octopus squirting ink on it's own self!  So self-defeating!  Whyyyyy?!?!?!  

But I'm not deterred, no.  I will prevail.  Got some velvet trim the other day at an awesome secret sourcing place in Forest Park. 


I haven't just been obsessing over the quilt.  I have also been slowly, ever so slowly working on moving the Baby Hobo line forward.  Found someone to make patterns, found someone to grade patterns.  Found someone to sew.  Maybe, MAYBE found some knit ribbing.  Knit ribbing?  Yes, it's the stuff they make sweatshirt cuffs from, and that shit is like extremely, extremely hard to find in quantities less than a bajillion yards.  But I might be on it, thank you Etsy.

Next step will be to get a sample made then cut all a whole bunch of pieces and drop them off for sewing of the first batch of Crabby Jackets!  It could happen in time for fall.  I mean, probably not, but maybe.  I'll keep you updated so that you don't fall off the edge of that seat there that you're sitting on.

Since it's been a long time since I posted, here's a bonus picture of our main Baby Hobo model:

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