She Wears Short Shorts

Well, they're not really very short. They're more like knickers.  But I also made shorter ones that I will post soon.  And after that, the shortest ones of all- Baby Hobo Hotpants.  I mean, twice now, women (both of them from Latin America) have called my baby 'sexy', so I thought she should dress the part.

I made these from, you guessed it, sweatshirts.  I attached the cuffs and trim of one to the body of another.  Frankenshorts.

In related news, Baby Hobo (TM) is alive and well, if not abundantly stocked.  I am back on the horse with regard to branding and am ordering a new set of labels today.  This time with a little centerfold loop tag for the outside of garments.  Design thanks to Libby Vanderploeg, who is a lovely, helpful friend (and also the Art Director for Saveur Magazine).

Lately I have been working on patterns and prototyping.  After that, I start to seriously look into having professional patterns made and getting this party started in time for fall.  I have been accepted to Supermarket on-line and now that I have help once a week (Rachael, you rock all things that are for rocking!), I should be able to blast off.  Stay tuned.

And PS:  Happy Second Birthday to Green Genes, the awesome store in Chicago on Clark Street that is far and away the best eco-conscious retail store for children's wares that I know of.  (And I don't just say that because she sells my stuff.  Okay, I PARTLY say that because she sells my stuff, but there are so many crazy good things for the taking over there.)  Visit!  www.green-genes.com.

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