The Post Wherein I Celebrate Josephine's 1st Year!

She's one year old.  365 days.  Only like 5 of them being very very difficult, about 25 being "challenging" about 335 being everything that is a good about life.

We were lounging poolside in Miami during the the birthday week, see here (we'll talk about the shorts soon!):

...and traveling on the actual birthday, so our party is in a couple of weeks, but we did some minor celebrating and major fawning of this little bug bug.  Just when you think it isn't possible to love someone more.  This first year has basically been a radical shift in my understanding about the capacity to love.  (--->end sappy part here<---) 

The birthday banner was done in time, as was the birthday shirt.  Little pudger is not going to fit in this shirt during her party though, sadly.  It was adorable for a day though!

The banner:

And, so you can get a sense of the scale of my large ass, a pic of the family:

PS:  You should know that that there banner cost all of about 2 dollars to make, from the scraps of sweatshirts, t-shirts and little kids patterned shirts, which I gleaned from the thrift store at 3 for a buck.  A lifetime heirloom, for 2 dollars.  Sweet, right?

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