The Crabby Jacket is Born!

My design collaborator and good friend, Steve H. and I were discussing ways to make our babies less crabby about getting their jackets on and Steve suggested a stylish poncho.  I am all for a world replete with babies ponchos, yes of course I am. So we got to work and did some sketches and whatnot.  

After coming to terms with the sad fact that that boy babies are less likely to wear ponchos, I modified the design some.  Then I had to actually construct it, which was a comedy of many many errors.  I am surprised that I haven't found the seat of my own pants mistakenly sewn into this jacket.  All the pinning and seam ripping, and re-pinning, and gentle, innocent cursing of the Holy Trinity.

So, it just drops over the baby's head and then zips down the underside of the arms.  No wrangling of the flailing baby wings, and no zipper up in the face.  It's a little big on the bunny, but all the better for crabby-free application.

Thanks Steve for the ideas and for helping me try and figure out the pattern, a feat which almost caused me permanent brain damage.




  1. Can you make an adult-sized one for me? Man, I get super crabby when I have to put my jacket on and I'm just too butch to wear a poncho. (Unless it's raining or I'm going to see Gallagher.)

  2. For sure. Do you mind if it's plaid? I think you would look great in a plaid Crabby Jacket, Old Man Winter.

  3. GENIUS!!!! Love it!
    HUGS and have a great weekend.