Every Day Banner

I've been working on the family birthday banner and am a good way through it, as you can see here:

Would it be cheesy to say the most important part is done?  That I could quit now and have this be our every day banner?  That it's a banner to celebrate every day since Josephine Anaheed was born?  I could even stretch it out and use it retroactively starting the day I met my wife.

Well it's true, so shut it.

Next up is a special birthday shirt of course.  I am more or less using the 90-minute shirt plan that was so popular from the blog MADE, which is a veritable bacchanalia of inspiration when it comes to sewing for your kids.

Here's an example, made by Dana, from her above mentioned blogue:

You can check out the tutorial for this 90-minute shirt on her blog too, because she's that kind of patient, generous person, and not a selfish, secretive troll like me.

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