In Over Our Heads

No, I haven't been lazing in front of the TV. In fact, I have walked away from TWO! episodes of Gossip Girl to go and sew. The universe has experienced a radical, sickening inversion, I know. I've been working with an incredible diligence on a couple of projects, one of which turned out beautifully (but is a secret until the gift is given), another of which is trying to relieve me of my sanity and one that is going just fine.

I've been trying to construct a pop-over jacket that I co-designed with my friend Steve Hettrich, and the initial design is great, but the construction is basically more than me or my machine can handle. I have taken this little mother apart like thirteen times and put it back together in some way that didn't work. Oh, it's ON, Little Jacket! I will not be intimidated.

On of the main problems is that my machine (a new Singer "Confidence", yesthat'sreallythename) won't bore through several layers of thick knit such as these. Even with a heavy duty ball-point needle. What am I supposed to do?!

I don't want to reveal in total the design until I'm done. And I will be done. Oh I will be done.

Moving on.

A certain little baby is turning One in a couple of weeks, on April 2, to be exact. I am making her a nice party at home. And I have started on a personalized family birthday banner, starting with hers, to be hung in the house for everyone's birthday from here to eternity. It's going to be a series of loose pendant flags on a string. So fun to make. No technical issues here.

And just for fun, blog post Bonus! The girl...well I just love her.

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  1. Look at those chubby little legs and that knowing expression. How could anyone not love her?