Win Yourself a Hat, Whynot?

It's time for me to appreciate my Followers again. I wish I could do something really magnificent, like heal a wound by laying on hands, or turn some water into a Mojito, but all I got for you is a hat. A nice, chunky re-purposed hat, which will look very much- though not exactly- like this one I posted the other day:

You can even give me the measurements of the noggin in question so your prize hat fits. Now, lest ye find yourself hording chances, and not mentioning this drawing to a pal because your odds will go down, well, I have a solution. If you are or you become a Follower to Mama Uses Needles, and you want to tell a friend to as well, I will enter your name AGAIN for each friend you bring to the site. Thusly, improving, not diminishing your chances to win. So devious of me.

Why I am doing this? Because I suffer from a fragile ego syndrome and the more people who read this blog, the less I'll have to run up to people on the street and say, "Hey! Do you think I'm pretty?!" Because that embarrasses the kid.


  1. Yes! A prize! I love any kind of prize, even if it's for my imaginary baby.