No, My Daughter Is Not Going Scuba Diving...

But she could. She's that advanced. Well, she's pretty advanced. I guess I probably wouldn't test her maturity under water.

This is another cagoule prototype. I said to my friend Steve today, "I made Phinny another cagoule today. She looka like an alien in it." " Great," he said, "the more alien, the better with babies, don't you think?" True true. It's impossible not to love something that draws attention to how weirdly and adorably tiny a baby face is, situated in such a disproportionately low spot on the HUGE head.

This cagoule, made of, you guessed it, an old sweater and the trim from a t-shirt, does a fine job of emphasizing the freakball that is my lovely baby. I am going to make more. Even freakier. Tighter. Sexier. More aerodynamic.

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