Alchemical Jacket

I made this freaky little Japanese inspired jacket out of an old kids sweatshirt from Old Navy with a giant number 33 on it. I considered leaving the '33' visible, but reminded myself not to fall into that common habit of having an object's former life be some kind of proud style element in the new garment. That's just not my way.

I say KILL the old thing. Kill it dead. I rather like to usher things through a more complete transformation. And I think turning a lame Old Navy sweatshirt into this little number is practically alchemical in that sense. Practically speaking, it's probably almost too "styled" (good or bad) for a baby to wear.

Here's a not detailed at all run-down of what I did:

Divested the sweatshirt of its cuffs and seams except the raglan arm attachments...

Opened that bugger up like a fish filet so I cut trim it into a big ol' single piece kimono pattern...

As seen here...

Then I added some extra fabric to the neck, since the shirt was originally too large. I added sopme twill tape to the edges and haphazardly finishes the sleeves and whatnot.

I will try it on the bebe and let you know how crazily it does not fit.

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