I am afraid of an obsession that threatens to overtake me. It looms heavy, ever encroaching, begging me to add its pursuit to my already overburdened parcels of creative time. It will happen. I know it will. I can't stop it. I just aim to hold it off for just a little while longer. Until we get a bigger house maybe?

It is quilting. I am shocked to see that come out in letters. I might quilt. Certain beautiful things hover around me and force me to think of quilts I want to make. And these things won't go away. Just what I need, one more thing that makes me sit on my ass all day. Soon I can forget about ever having that spinal fusion surgery I'll need in the future because my vertebrae will be soldered together from shear sedentary disuse. But I bet I could make a crazy good quilt.

Currently I am desperately in love with the woven work of Anni Albers. I have long been in love with her husband's work, which I regard as perhaps the most perfect of painting. And they both make me drool to quilt. Kind of random, I know.

Anyway, I would give nearly all my worldly possessions for one of these Homage to the Square paintings. (Homage! Shu. I would hold them squares down and make out with them they're so hot):

Or one of these:

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