Pregnancy Pants; Murdered.

These old capri sweatpants were baggy. Ugly. Brown! From the Gap, and any number of other unseemly things. I must say I loved them when I was pregnant because they were soft and stretchy and just a tiny bit more snug. But I am re-entering humanity now and need to start dressing for the occasion. No, I promise. I will. Very soon. Starting now. In fact I have tight-fitting jeans on as we speak, over the top of which my newly found muffin top is secretly spilling.

So, I murdered these grim reminders of a time free of one single ounce of style tiny, and they are going to the baby.

Really, all I did was crop the waistband off, crop the outside edges of the legs, and reattach the waistband smaller and closer to the crotch. I just literally kept the crotch seam and brought everything in toward it.

From this:

To this:

(Sorry for the baby in that picture. Totally distracting.)

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  1. omg. Cutest face ever. Totally distracting from the awesome pants which I will have to comment on another time.