Josephine's First Christmas, aka "Bad Jew"

We really should have a Christmas tree AND a menorah, so as to give a nod to my wife Julie's heritage, but I guess that side of her went to Matzo Ball heaven when her eccentric and from I hear, awesome, grandma Solar passed away. But it was a huge rally for us to get this Christmas going as well as we have, so I shant berate our efforts.

To wit, we have a fully decorated Christmas tree. (See Exhibit A). We have purchased Christmas presents (Exhibit B), which, in the purchasing of, I would like the record to show, I actually respected the limit Julie and I set. She did not, and promptly explained to our daughter that she went way over the limit on Phinny's gifts because she loves her more. We have designed, if not actually constructed, a gingerbread house. Photographs forthcoming as Exhibit C, and finally, I made Josephine some Christmas pants (Exhibit D).

They are inspired by authentic union suits, and by Chinese baby pants. They feature a trap door in the seat, for the easy access to butt cheeks without exposing your baby's rear to the elements when they ummm, need to....uh...yes, you know.

These pants were a perfectly respectable cableknit sweater before and would be embarrassed to know that they have been re-incarnated into a pair of baby trousers with a easy-access trap door to the booty (which is in this case actually non-operational). I will later post pictures of them on the child. For now:

Okay, so she got ONE present early! It's a ride-on plush snail named Stanley. You expected me to wait? Be realistic.

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