Groovy Sweater One-Piece

Remember this ladies sweater?  The one left at Village Discount Outlet by...let's call her Becca.

It has found new life, and here's how:

1.  Cut off bottom half of sweater arms.
2.  Trim off material from what remains of your arms, and continue trimming down the side of sweater (the shape that looks like a '7' in the picture above).
3.  Cut out shape between legs.  Line that edge with twill tape on alternate sides and attach snaps.
4.  Sew outside edge- along bottom of arm and down the side of the suit.
5.  Hem sleeve cuffs.
6.  Admire how willing your child is to wear such a ridiculous, but adorbs outfit.

1 comment:

  1. Oh so cuddly! I'm just browsing through your archives, and even though I've enjoyed EVERYTHING, this in particular stands out. Looks simple enough to do, and the resulting piece just makes me smile.