First Gingerbread House

Here it is.  The Solar Family gingerbread house.  After almost two weeks of plotting and planning, and five rounds of trying to make sugar glass, we finally finished.  The Solar Chalet, as it is properly called, is a residential home for small gingerpeople crafted in a bastardized 80's/ 90's contemporary style.

Some important features are of course the solar panels, recycling bags (those ARE candy, people), and a mailbox feturing edible paper and ink.

The glass wall separating the indoors from outside is milky, yes.  But I know why now!  I learned in my five batches that you need to bring many small miracles into alignment to make clear candy glass.  Next year, look out! It's going to be a Phillip Johnson Glass House just to show off. 

For now, we will settle for our humble family chalet complete with gum-bricked chimney and cotton candy smoke.


  1. 2 things:

    1 - Amazingly impressed, it's georgous.
    2 - Follow the link and indulge in track #4:

  2. Really not too much time. Just enough to build a f*cking AMAZING gingerbread house. Very little spare. Very little spare.

  3. Sigh. So, so good. Next year, 1920s energy efficient retrofit house, complete with a 95%AFUE furnace, tankless water heater, and bypasses sealed up with some 2-part foam baby! I will contribute by making a tiny, tiny blower door to measure the CFMs!