Damn You, Sma Grodorna!

We celebrated Josephine's first Christmas with family in Oakland, CA.  The weather was great, the kids were great, fun was had.  My brother-out-law is Anders, and he is from Sweden.  And from Sweden, he brought us a traditional children's Christmas song about a frog with no tail and no ears.  We sang the song, as is the custom, while dancing around a Christmas tree holding hands and a paper with a translation designed to soften our sharp English interpretation of the Swedish words. 

Well, that business wasn't so pretty.  An English speaking person can slaughter some Swedish words right thoroughly I tell you, especially while they're trying to hold a paper and dance in a circle.  I will admit that while I felt pretty foolish, it was so fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves and to laugh at ourselves mangling the lyrics.  Now I cannot- I CANNOT- get 'Sma Grodorna' out of my head.  Koo Ack Ack, Koo Ack Ack! 

One of the highlights was time I spent with Julie's niece ('our' niece?  yes, 'our' niece, I declare), Caroline.  She is seven and was quite attached to me for the four days we were there.  Okay, maybe more the baby, but the baby was attached to me so I reaped the benefit of Caroline's company.  She is truly remarkable.  Here we are on a hike, discussing many important things:

Now we're back to Chicagio and I hit the sewing machine to make some homemade gift wrap from scraps for a special little present.  I might have to do this from now on:

Now I have to decide on a New Year's Resolution.  I make them.  I keep them.  It's true.

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