Tall Pants by Ralph Lauren

About these orange ribbed pants, several things are accidental. Several things about this whole picture are accidental, then some are on purpose.

Here is a list under each category:


These pants are as bright orange as my baby's hair.
These pants have an embroidered Ralph Lauren logo right up front on the tallpart fold.
My baby is smiling as she models these pants.
Her head looks huge due to foreshortening in this picture, whereas in real life it is average in proportion with her huge body.


These pants are made from an old sweater.
These pants are baggy and comfy.
These pants are being modeled by Josephine Anaheed because she is the chubby and hilarious.
The ribbing on the pants is vertical, lending them a slimming aspect.
My baby is smiling as she models these pants.


  1. hahaha, Even when her head looks huge she is ADORABLE. And the pants are awesome.

  2. Thanks. She looka like an orange on a stick. But I love oranges.