Adopting the Position of a Professional Bowler, I Am Still Able to Drywall

A few people have asked how the bathroom remodel is coming along.  You know, the room I tore down with a sledgehammer because I can't stand one more fucking day of the Polar Vortex?

It's coming along fine.  I did terribly injure my knee doing it, but I'm just trying to ignore it.  I'll get it fixed when I'm done.   I have developed an unusual technique for continuing to work while not being able to move my leg.  I use a stool and then sit on it with one buttcheek, leave my hurt leg extended, then fold my other one OVER the hurt one and twist forward, allowing me to clear the way for using my upper body.  Incredibly, Julie refused to take a photo of me doing this because she thought it looked too pathetic.

Whateve, she still mad that I tore down another wall in there when she thought it was salvageable and I promised not to remove it when she was at work.  She said "DO NOT take down that back drywall".

Sorry, honey.  (I had our babysitter take this picture to text Julie.  If there's one thing I learned from high school is that its easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission.  Plus, big cartoony gloves always make you look innocent and friendly, no?)

Then I had that meniscal mishap.  But we're still cooking.  Joists replaced, plywood subfloor in, substrate installed, drywall up and taped.  There will be a person coming to set the tile, sadly.  It was the part I most looked forward to, but I cannot swing it, knee-wise.  Oh well.  But see here the progress:

Pretty sexy looking, right?

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