This is Crazy, This Is Crazy, This Is Crazy!

Hi cornpones,

I HAVE been working you know.  I've been workin' on my twerkin'.  Yes, all these months I've been spending all my free time perfecting my booty bounce.  Because, well...zeitgeist.

Also, I made this recently.  It is the Grabbox Quilt for Phinny.  This is just the front and it may remain as such since I'm afraid to eff it up by trying to back it.

It's about a kertrillion pieces of sweatshirt sewn together.  Here's a rather lovely shot of multi-generational art-making.  Rug handmade by my Grandma Agnes Boyle, and wooden bird sculpture by Phinny!

For scale:

And here's a bonus close-up with Phinny's wooden bird.

And I have done other things, too, so you stay tuned to find out what they are, okay?

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