What I'm Seeing Lately...

Periodically I need to post links to other stuff so I can follow the trail of my recent inspirations.  You will like this.

Vera Neuman scarves, which I came to know from a link on my friend Libby Vanderploeg's site.  She likes good design, I like good design.  Exciting things will happen.

This particular image is linked from the Uono Design Blog.  Jeeeaaalluuzzz:

Next, conceptual objects and installations by the duo Mischer'Traxler.  They are based in Vienna and make gorgeous things in very inventive ways.  Like these vessels, which are constructed by a machine activated by viewers who are curious about the productions process.  The more the audience shows interest, the more the machine applies color as it wends the reedy spirals into a pot shape.  That's the short description- the long description can be found on the duo's website.  But I didn't read the whole thing, because you know sooner or later you'd run into words like "dialogic" and "hermeneutic".

Gray Label children's clothing: "Organic Clothing for the Little Minimalist".  Hilarious.  But beautiful.  Here's a snippet of my daydream featuring a little Minimalist: "Mama, can I wear Elmo with Agnes B. or does that clash?" "No, that's bad, wear your Helmut Lang, honey."

Handsome Griffin, who clearly knows his color.  He knows that lavender is the most killer accent to yellow and charcoal.  Throws in a little orange because he has that kind of confidence.

And then you know, sometimes you get a Two-For-One deal, right?  Well here's another picture of my baby son then:

(He enjoys to mix styles high and low- here with an everyman's chambray button down, paired with some japanese-inspired harem cords.  Daring little man.)

Industrial rolling canvas basket.  Someday I'm going to have one of these in the house, and I'm just going to roll it through all day long and fill it up with anything that gets in my way (including small children) then leave it at the door for when Julie arrives home.  At which time I leave to go have a very dirty vodka martini with Rachael Burs.  I think you can agree that it would be incredibly useful.

AtSwim-Two-Birds blog and the crochet work of  Renilde Depeuter.  Namely, these seat cushions and pot holders.  Yes, I am in love with pot holders.  Because her color work is flawless and amazing.


And finally, my new heros, dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings.  I am so uncontrollably in love with almost everything they design.  (Also, with THEM, hello.)

I would eat crushed glass if it was designed by them.  If you want to drool all over yourself, look at their website.  You will notice some pretty sneaky work on the thumbnail images there, by the way.  So rad.   I have been looking at it until my eyeballs dry out.

My eyeballs are dried out.  Goodnight.

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  1. I want all of these things, including the basket of babies and, obviously, the martini.