I Totally Want a Pair of These Cashmere Pants

But my butt is too big.  It would never work.  And, in the words of Dr. Suess: "In an mere ten paces, there would pills in very unsightly places!" Oh well.  I'll just keep making them for bebes.

Because HELLO, so cozy!

I learned something very important making these.  That if a pattern is well designed (and this mother better be- you may recall 2011 Battle of the Frontal Butt), that it will be great on a few different baby body types.  I originally created this 12-18 month pants pattern for Phinny when she was shooting up and slimming down.  I haven't changed it here.  (Yes, my not-yet-5 month old son wears 12-18).  I just made sure the waistband was ample for chubs, and let them be long so he can grow into them.  I think that even with the extra length they look right.  I am pleased.

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