Quilted Wood Playmat

After I lost that battle with t-shirt bindings around my baby quilts, I re-upped my commitment to conquer them and bought a bias tape maker.  Ingenious little invention!  It is SO satisfying to run that bugger along and iron out a perfect bias tape.  Mmmm.  Hot.  I mean, like actually hot.  Be careful of the iron.  You can get a little hypnotized watching that razor sharp fold peel out of there.

So I had to figure out what needed binding.

Wife: no.
Phinny: no.
My post-twins girth: yes
Babies: yes, (with swaddling blankets, of course)
Playmat: yes.

Playmat.  I used that sweet-ass wood drawing fabric I had from the cushion-gone-goblin and made a quilted playmat where in, LISTEN TO THIS: quilted along the drawn lines of the fabric print.  MacArthur Genius Grant, I'm coming for you. 

And, though it's a shame to put chambray onto the back of anything because it is so purdy, it is also makes for an awesome secret surprise to put chambray onto the back of something. 


HA, binding!  I win.  I WIN I WIN I WIN I WIN.

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  1. You do win. I am obsessed with this playmat. Make me a picnic blanket.