Time For Sweater Pants, YES!

My baby got blown down yesterday.  Like, actually blown over from the wind here.  Twice.  Luckily, I was spotting her, so she didn't go all the way down, but still!  Skeery.  So we went inside and made these sweater pants to start preparing her for harsher times. 

And my serger now actually works which has changed my life.  I took it to the shop and the guy looked at me, all not wanting to embarass me and told me, "Yeah, this happens with a lot of beginners, which is that your thread just isn't pulled into your tension knob at all up here at the top..."

WHAT?  An year and half of being tangled up and cursing my way through every battle with that thing and my thread just wasn't in the tension knob?  If you know about a serger, you know they are notoriously complicated and I thought I was all big in my britches because I could thread it correctly.  It's like brain surgery, what with having to use tweezers and everything.  Looks like this:

So, I had all that worked out and then found out my thread just wasn't nesting down into the tension guide at the top of the machine.  Seriously, the hours lost!

But we've conquered, and I made these:

See here, my expert serging technique.  HA!

For once, someone could look at the inside of something I've sewn and it would actually look finished and sewn correctly.  Here's to Firsts.

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