Adult-sized cravats from Baby Hobo are here!

I know, you were sitting there on one of your self-imposed bi-hourly cubicle breaks,  munching on BB-Q Cheetos, lost in a staring zone with that crazy sunglass-wearing cheetah when it occurred to you:  "When is that Baby Hobo (TM) going to bring adult sized cravats made from re-purposed materials to the masses?  It's freezing up in this shizzy.  Adult-sized cravats are overdue.  Overdue."

Then this post popped up in your Google Reader and you were like, "YES!" And you frantically searched for a tissue or something to wipe the greasy, radioactive red powder off your hand so you could scroll down and see these pictures of the first batch.  Finally, you settled on using the edge of your office chair thinking that hey, your pant leg would probably brush it off over time. That's what happened.

Look for these at Green Genes in Chicago on Clark Street.

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